The Wild Survival Academy gives you the life skills that are essential to survive in any situation. Whether you face a survival situation or not, these skills make you a winner for life by increasing your mental robustness and resourcefulness.

You learn primitive skills under the expert guidance from survival specialists. We take you back to nature to unlearn and then learn new skills.

An initiative of Veteran Army Officers having years of experience in surviving hostile conditions of Deserts, Mountains, High Altitude, Forests, they now bring you skills to save lives. These veterans have instructed the soldiers and commandos in various survival and life-saving skills.

What makes me unique

When we take you to the wilderness devoid of material comfort and resources, when we teach you how to create resources and survive, your confidence rises to a new dimension. You become more innovative, resourceful and develop a new perspective on life.


Manjeera Majestic, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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